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The Nutritional Benefits of Unagi Kabayaki

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Unagi Kabayaki, or roasted eel, is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine and is delicious when marinated and grilled. It is also a particularly healthy fish, with several health benefits.

What’s Unagi Kabayaki?

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Among the numerous seafood meals available in Japan, Unagi (the freshwater eel Anguilla japonica) holds a particular place in Japanese hearts due to its rich and fatty flavor and mythical health advantages.

The best eels for the recipes are caught in the wild, and unlike its saltwater relative Anago, which is frequently boiled or deep-fried, Unagi is often grilled in a technique known as kabayaki.This traditional and arduous method of grilling and basting its fillets with tare (a sweet-salty sauce) may appear easy, but it needs years of expertise for the chef to attain perfection.The preparation procedures varies between eastern and western Japan, and the tare sauce recipe, which is one of the most essential aspects of the procedure, is generally kept secret by the proprietors of each eel restaurant.

Health Benefits of Unagi Kabayaki

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The health benefits of eel are wide, and the fish is particularly high in nutrition. The fact that Japanese people eat eel is likely another reason why the country is one of the healthiest on the planet.

Eel has a high nutritional content and is known as "gold in water."Eels can withstand a hunger strike for one and a half years, while farmed eels may live for up to 50 years.

So, what exactly is the nutritional worth of eel?

1. Vegetable oil and fish oil

Eel has a high nutritional value, and medical specialists discovered that it has two helpful components, fish oil and vegetable oil, making it a perfect diet for supplementing vital fatty acids and amino acids.

2.Zinc, Vitamin E

Eel has a high nutritional value and a high amount of zinc and vitamin E, which can help prevent aging and arteriosclerosis, as well as having skin care and aesthetic benefits.

3. Vitamin A

It is worth mentioning that eel is rich in antioxidant nutrients, such as vitamin A. Eel has 60 times the vitamin A content of regular fish, 100 times the vitamin A content of beef, and more than 300 times the vitamin A content of pig. Vitamin A is a great supplement for those who are night blind.

4.Vitamin E

Eel has 9 times the vitamin content of other fish. Vitamin E is known as tocopherol, and it functions as an antioxidant, moisturizer, wrinkle reducer, and endocrine regulator, among other things.

5. Calcium

The nutritional value of eel is very rich, the spine of eel is rich in calcium, so it is respected by scientists at home and abroad, and is recognized as an ideal natural biological calcium source.


Eel skin and meat are high in collagen. Collagen has the impact of beautifying and nourishing the skin, as well as moisturizing and delaying aging, which is why it is referred to as edible cosmetics.

7. Phospholipids

Phospholipids contained in eels are essential nutrients for brain cells. The nutritional value of eel is very rich, and the rich phospholipids play an important role in the growth and development of certain tissues and organs of the human body.

8. Vitamin B2

Eel is high in vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin; a deficiency causes angular cheilitis, cheilitis, conjunctivitis, and obstructive inflammation.

9. Magnesium

Eel contains magnesium, which helps to preserve bone health and neurological system function while also preventing cardiovascular disease.

10. Phosphorus

Eel contains phosphorus, which can maintain bone health, nervous system function, and regulate blood pressure.

11. Selenium

Eel contains selenium, which can improve immunity, delay aging, protect eyes, and maintain normal heart and liver functions.

12. Vitamins and minerals

The nutritional value of eel is extremely high; it can give all of the elements required for human growth and survival. Long-term eel consumption is incredibly beneficial for strengthening the body, increasing vitality, and nourishing the skin, particularly in pregnant women and infants.

About Us

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We began exporting frozen roasted eel fillets (Unagi Kabayaki) to Russia in 2009,then we are extending our operations into new countries.

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