Frozen Roasted Eel Dices

In Japanese, unagi means freshwater eels. The eel is split in half and bathed in soy sauce before being grilled on a grill in the procedure known as kabayaki. This procedure leaves the eel with a characteristic smooth, rich texture that makes the little bones disappear. Unagi has a crisp and solid texture, as well as a sweet, juicy, and flavorful flavor.

Our frozen roasted eel range:

Frozen Roasted Eel Fillets
Frozen Roasted Eel Sushi Slices
Frozen Roasted Eel Unadon Cuts
Frozen Roasted Eel Flakes
Frozen Roasted Eel Dices
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Product Name:

  • Unagi kabayaki dices
  • Frozen roasted eel dices
  • Frozen broiled eel dices
  • Anago kabayaki dices
  • Frozen prepared eel dices
  • Frozen grill eel dices
  • Frozen bbq eel dices


Anguilla Japonica, Anguilla Rostrata, etc.


15-20mm(As per the clients)




IVP (Individul vacuum packed)


Successfully Exported Markets:

ISO, HACCP, BRC, HALAL certificates.

Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, U.S, Canada, S.Korea, Hong Kong, etc.

Lead Time:

About 3 weeks.

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