Frozen Roasted Eel Dices

In Japanese, unagi means freshwater eels. The eel is split in half and bathed in soy sauce before being grilled on a grill in the procedure known as kabayaki. This procedure leaves the eel with a characteristic smooth, rich texture that makes the little bones disappear. Unagi has a crisp and solid texture, as well as a sweet, juicy, and flavorful flavor.

Our frozen roasted eel range:

Frozen Roasted Eel Fillets
Frozen Roasted Eel Sushi Slices
Frozen Roasted Eel Unadon Cuts
Frozen Roasted Eel Flakes
Frozen Roasted Eel Dices
Frozen Roasted Eel Skewers
Frozen Roasted Eel One Skewer
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Product Name:

  • Unagi kabayaki dices
  • Frozen roasted eel dices
  • Frozen broiled eel dices
  • Anago kabayaki dices
  • Frozen prepared eel dices
  • Frozen grill eel dices
  • Frozen bbq eel dices


Anguilla Japonica, Anguilla Rostrata, etc.


15-20mm(As per the clients)




IVP (Individul vacuum packed)


Successfully Exported Markets:

ISO, HACCP, BRC, HALAL certificates.

Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, U.S, Canada, S.Korea, Hong Kong, etc.

Lead Time:

About 3 weeks.

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