IQF White Asparagus Spears

White asparagus is not only delicious, but it is also quite healthful. It's no surprise that this unusual vegetable is high in important dietary elements. White asparagus is high in vitamins including niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid. These vitamins are required for optimal metabolic and enzymatic processes in the cell. Furthermore, white asparagus is high in antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins protect against various forms of infections and help to minimize inflammation.
We can provide premium grade IQF Frozen White Asparagus as a dependable and experienced frozen food supplier:
IQF Frozen White Asparagus Spears
IQF Frozen White Asparagus Tips&Cuts
IQF Frozen White Asparagus Center Cuts
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Product Names:

  • Frozen White Asparagus Spears (Wholes)
  • IQF White Asparagus Spears (Wholes)


  • S size dia 6-12mm length 17cm 
  • M size dia 12-16mm length 17cm 
  • L size dia 16-22mm length 17cm 


10x1kg,8X1kg,4x2.5kg,5x1kg polybags per carton (as per the clients)


Shanxi Province ,Shandong Province,Henan and Hebei Province are the main growing areas  of asparagus in China.  

Other info:

Regarding the packing & the specification,we can also follow the clients' individual requirements.  

BRC,ISO,HACCP,Global GAP,etc. 

Successfully exported countries

EU,North America,Japan,etc.

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