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Frozen White Asparagus Center Cuts

White asparagus is a white asparagus cultivar. It is the same plant species as green and purple asparagus. The whitish color is caused by the lack of sunshine. The lack of sunlight limits pigment formation in the produce, resulting in discolouration, i.e. white asparagus. If the tips can get sunlight and break through the earth, they slowly start generating pigment, usually pink, purple-red, or violet.
We can supply premium quality IQF Frozen White Asparagus:
IQF Frozen White Asparagus Center Cuts
IQF Frozen White Asparagus Spears
IQF Frozen White Asparagus Tips&Cuts
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Product Names:

  • Frozen White Asparagus Center Cuts
  • IQF White Asparagus Center Cuts


Dia 6-10mm, length 1.5-2.5cm 
Dia 8-16mm, length 2-3cm 


1x10kg polybag per carton (as per the clients)


Shanxi Province ,Shandong Province,Henan and Hebei Province are the main growing areas  of asparagus in China.  

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Regarding the packing & the specification,we can also follow the clients' individual requirements.  

BRC,ISO,HACCP,Global GAP,etc. 

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EU,North America,Japan,etc.