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Japanese's Beloved Cuisine - Unagi Kabayaki

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Frozen roasted eel or Unagi kabayaki,has been a common dish in Japan for hundreds of years. It is flavorful, savory, and slightly sweet.

It's particularly prevalent during the summer, when those days are basically designated as "eel days." Japan follows the recommendation of an Edo era scientist, and people eat Unagi kabayaki to stay healthy during the summer months.

The most popular way to prepare eel/ungai is "kabayaki" , which is grilled and glazed with a sweet sauce. That may seem to be a straightforward explanation, but don't be fooled. It's a time-consuming operation! Before being butterflied and sliced into shorter, more realistic sections, the unagi kabayaki is properly gutted and deboned.

Then comes the fun part: the unagi kabayaki fillets are threaded onto wooden skewers, broiled on a barbecue grill, dipped into the soy-sauce-based glaze, and grilled again to seal in the flavor and add texture. As a consequence, the Unagi kabayaki is tender and flaky, with satisfyingly crispy edges and a rich, pleasing taste.

We began exporting frozen roasted eel fillets (Unagi Kabayaki) to Russia in 2009,then we are extending our operations into new countries.

In addition to Frozen Roasted Eel Fillets we also supply:

  • Frozen Roasted Eel Sushi Slices
  • Frozen Roasted Eel Unadon Cuts
  • Frozen Roasted Eel Flakes
  • Frozen Roasted Eel Dices

We can store the items in IVP (Individual Vacuum Packages) or BULK according to the clients' specifications.

The flavor and percentage of the sauce, as well as the type and time of roasting, can be tailored to the preferences of the customers.

The small orders or the mixed loading with our edamame, mukimame, or dim sum (spring roll, samosa, etc.) are also possible.

We now have over 25 reputable supplier in more than 5 Chinese provinces. Many of our suppliers are serious and trustworthy, with BRC/ISO/HACCP certification. Some of them earned HALAL certification.

We have risen to be one of the most important suppliers of high-quality frozen roasted eel (unagi kabayaki) in a number of countries.

Feel free to get in touch with us to get further info!


Frozen Roasted Eel Fillets

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Frozen Roasted Eel Unadon Cuts

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Frozen Roasted Eel Sushi Slices

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Frozen Roasted Eel Flakes

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Frozen Roasted Eel Dices

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