IQF Zucchini Dices

Zucchini is a versatile squash that is high in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.
It may provide a variety of health benefits, including improved digestion and a lower risk of heart disease.
Zucchini may be beneficial to your bones, thyroid, and prostate.
If you appreciate zucchini a lot, frozen zucchini is a great way to enjoy this veggie all year long!
We can supply IQF Frozen Zucchini Dices, and all of our suppliers have ISO,HACCP,BRC certificates, as well as SEDEX,HALAL,KOSHER,IFS, and other third-party certifications.
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Product Names:

  • Frozen Diced Zucchini 
  • IQF Diced Zucchini 
  • Frozen Zucchini Dices
  • IQF Zucchini Dices
  • Frozen Zucchini Cubes
  • IQF Zucchini Cubes


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