IQF Lingonberries

Lingonberries ,are also called Vaccinium vitis-idaea.Northern Europe, Japan, and northern China are home to these little red berries.
Lingonberries have a delicate flavor that is both acidic and sweet. They grow juicier, sweeter, and less acidic as they ripen. In addition, when compared to other berries like strawberry or blueberry, lingonberry has a rather acidic flavor.Lingonberries are a good source of nutritioppliers.
We supply high quality IQF Lingonberries.
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Product Name:

  • Frozen Lingonberry
  • IQF Lingonberry 
  • Frozen Lingonberries 
  • IQF Lingonberries 
  • Frozen Wild Lingonberries 
  • IQF Wild Lingonberries


  • Wild
  • Uncalibrated

Defects Tolerances: 

  • Pink Fruit: max.1%,3%,5%(as per the clients) 
  • Broken Fruit: max.3% 
  • Stalks: max.1%


  • 1X10kg/ctn
  • 1x20kg/ctn
  • As per the clients' requirements.

Successfully Exported Markets:

Russia,Europe,North America, etc.

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