IQF Sweet Kernel Corn

Sweet corn is a popular ingredient in many different cuisines around the world. Nothing says summertime like corn on the cob in the United States. While many people adore maize, many are unaware that it is a particularly nutritious alternative. Corn contains thiamin as well as other vitamins and minerals. This inexpensive and widely available grain is also a fantastic source of carbs and has more protein than you might assume.
We can provide high grade Sweet Kernel Corn. To ensure food safety, we exclusively source from "Audited & Approved" Suppliers who have implemented strong Food Safety Systems.
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Product Names:

  • Frozen Sweet Kernel Corn
  • IQF Sweet Kernel Corn
  • Frozen Whole Kernel Corn
  • IQF Whole Kernel Corn 
  • Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels
  • IQF Sweetcorn Kernels 
  • Frozen Super-Sweet Sweetcorn Kernels 
  • IQF Super-Sweet Sweet Corn Kernels 


  • Super sweet (903):min.10
  • Medium sweet(Huazhen,Jinfei,etc):min.5

Packing style:    

1x10kg/carton, 1x20kg/carton,25kgs/bag,or as per the clients.


June - September



Successfully Exported Countries:    

All over the world

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