IQF Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas, also called snap peas, are one of the first vegetables to ripen each year. The snap pea is a sweet, crunchy hybrid that originated in 1979 as a mix between ordinary peas and snow peas.
Sugar snap peas are a crisp, refreshing vegetable that may be eaten raw or added to a variety of dishes. In containers or with trellises, they're simple to grow. Most importantly, these plants provide a wide range of health advantages, making them an excellent supplement to most diets.
Potassium, found in sugar snap peas, is a crucial mineral for maintaining a healthy heartbeat and kidney function, as well as playing a role in muscular contraction.
We offer high quality IQF sugar snap peas.
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  • Frozen Sugar Snap Peas 
  • IQF Sugar Snap Peas


  • Length: 40-90mm/Thickness: Max.13mm
  • Length: 40-85mm/Thickness: Max.12.5mm
  • Length: 40-80mm/Thickness: Max.12mm


  • 20x500g/ctn,4x2.5kg/ctn,1x10kg/ctn,1x30lbs/ctn,600kgs/tote
  • As per the clients


May - June



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EU,North America, Japan, etc.

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