IQF Rape Flower

Rape flowers (Nanohana) are high in vitamin B2 to help nutrient metabolism
The quantity of vitamin A and β-carotene in rape flowers is surprisingly high, and the content of vitamin B2 and C is notably high. It is also a vegetable with rich calcium, potassium and dietary fiber. In particular, the vitamin A concentration of rape flower is more than 3 times that of rapeseed. Therefore, if you eat rapeseed frequently, the effects of increasing immunity, protecting eyes and anti-aging will be more visible.
With over 25 years of experience and expertise, we are able to provide premium quality IQF frozen rapeseed flowers.
More Details

Product Names:

  • IQF rape flower
  • BQF rape flower
  • Frozen rape flower

Size: (as per the clients)

  • IQF Diameter:6-13mm, Length:max.100mm Diameter:6-8mm/8-10mm/10-12mm Length:40-80mm/40-90mm,40-100mm
  • IQF Diameter:5-10mm/10-15mm Length:50-120mm
  • BQF Diameter:6-13mm Length:100mm

Packing style & Loading quantities:

  • IQF:10x1kg/ctn,1x10kg/ctn, 1x30lbs/ctn(or as per the clients),14.5MTS/40'FCL
  • BQF:20X500g/carton,N,W,20MTS/40'FCL


Successfully exported countries:
Japan,S.Korea,Southeast Asia,Europe,USA,Canada, etc.

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