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IQF Pineapples Dices

IQF Pineapple Dices are a frozen fruit product that utilizes advanced freezing techniques to preserve the authentic taste, texture, and nutritional attributes of pineapples. In the IQF process, each pineapple dice is frozen individually, preventing clumping and maintaining the unique characteristics of the fruit. This technology ensures that the thawed pineapple dices closely resemble fresh ones, retaining their juiciness and tropical sweetness. Valued for their convenience and versatility, IQF Diced Pineapples are a practical ingredient for various culinary applications, such as desserts, salads, snacks, and more. Offering consistent quality and an extended shelf life, IQF Pineapple Dices provide a convenient way to savor the vibrant flavor of pineapple throughout the year.
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Our IQF Frozen Pineapple Dices are meticulously processed using advanced Individual Quick Freezing technology, ensuring the preservation of the pineapple's natural taste, texture, and nutritional richness. Each pineapple dice is frozen separately, preventing clumping and maintaining the unique characteristics of the fruit. Whether you're a food manufacturer, distributor, or part of the hospitality industry, our IQF Pineapple Dices are a reliable choice for enhancing your culinary offerings. As a leading frozen fruit supplier with over 28 years of industry expertise, we take pride in delivering top-notch products tailored your businesses needs. Our commitment to quality and consistency has earned us a solid reputation in the market. We understand the demands of the food industry and are equipped to provide IQF Pineapple Dices in bulk, ensuring a convenient and efficient solution for your production needs. Trust in our experience and dedication to excellence as you source high-quality frozen fruit for your business.

Brix: Average min.12

Packings: 1x30lbs/ctn,1x10kg/ctn,or totes with slip sheets, as per the clients.

Blanching: Blanched,Unblanched

Season: April - August

Certification: USA,Canada,S.Korea,EU,Japan 

Successfully Exported Countries: ISO,HACCP,BRC,KOSHER Certificates. 

Why Choose Our IQF Pineapples Dices?

Uncompromising Quality: Our unwavering commitment to delivering the high quality products sets us apart. From premium fresh raw materials to the precise freezing process, our IQF Pineapple Dices ensures consistent excellence, ensuring a delightful culinary experience every time.

Expert Quality Control: We have a team of dedicated professionals who meticulously oversee the entire production process, ensuring that every batch meets our strict quality control standards. With their expertise and attention to detail, we guarantee the utmost satisfaction for our customers.

Flexible Packaging Solutions: We understand the diverse needs of our different customers. That's why we offer flexible packaging options, tailored to your specific requirements. From bulk quantities to customized packaging solutions, we ensure convenience and efficiency in every delivery.

Trusted Supplier: With years of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have gained the trust of countless businesses in the wholesale sector.Choose us as your reliable supplier of IQF Diced Frozen Pineapples and benefit from our superior products and exceptional service.