IQF Pears Halves

Snow pears, also known as snow pear, are a nutritious treat that combines the greatest attributes of apples and pears. These fruits are a crisp, delicious member of the pear family that grows round like an apple.
Snow pears are popular because of their crisp texture and delicately sweet flavor. They are usually eaten raw, although they can also be frozen. This delightful fruit is gaining popularity around the world as its nutritious qualities and wonderful flavor become increasingly well-known.
Freezing pears at their full freshness allows you to enjoy them even during the off-season.
Frozen pears are delicious in smoothies and applesauce. Learn two simple methods for freezing pears.
We can offer high quality IQF Snow Pears Halves.
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Product Name:

  • Frozen Snow Pear Halves
  • IQF Snow Pear Halves


1/2 Cut




Snow Pears


ISO, HACCP, BRC, KOSHER certificates.

Successfully Exported Markets:

EU, North America, S.Korea, etc.

Lead Time:

About 2 weeks.

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