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IQF Lotus Root Slices

Almost every part of this aquatic plant is edible, from the blossoms to the seeds to the roots. Lotus root is a staple of Asian cuisine, lending a subtle crunch to stir-fries and soups. Lotus root contains a variety of vitamins and minerals and is a good source of carbs and fiber. It is fat- and cholesterol-free. When sliced, lotus root takes on the appearance of a snowflake, making it ideal for an artistic garnish.
We can offer premium quality IQF Frozen Lotus Root Slices, with ISO, BRC, HACCP and other certificates
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Product Name:

  • Frozen Sliced Lotus Roots 
  • IQF Sliced Lotus Roots 
  • Frozen Lotus Root Slices
  • IQF Lotus Root Slices


  • L size: diameter: 60-70mm, thickness:8-10mm
  • M size: diameter: 50-60mm, thickness:8-10mm
  • S size: diameter: 40-50mm, thickness:8-10mm


1x10kg, 20x500g/carton (As per the clients)


ISO, BRC, HACCP certificates

Successfully Exported Markets:

Japan, S.Korea, EU, USA, etc.

Lead Time:

About 2 weeks.