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IQF Cowpeas Cuts

Yard long beans, also known as Chinese snake beans or Asparagus Beans, are a close relative of black-eyed peas. Its soft, immature pods are one of the most popular pod-vegetables in the Philippines and other East Asian cuisines. Home gardens in the Southern United States, the West Indies, and the Mediterranean areas also cultivate the beans on a modest basis.
We are able to provide high-quality IQF Frozen Asparagus Beans Cuts/IQF Frozen Yardlong Beans Cuts.
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Product Names:

  • IQF Asparagus Beans Cuts
  • Frozen Asparagus Beans Cuts
  • Frozen Cowpeas Cuts
  • IQF Cowpeas Cuts
  • Frozen Asparagus Beans Cuts
  • IQF Asparagus Beans Cuts
  • IQF Yardlong Beans
  • Frozen Yardlong Beans

1)diam:5-7.5mm, length:20-30mm,20-40mm,30-50mm(as per the clients) 
2)diam:5-8.0mm,length:20-30mm,20-40mm,30-50mm(as per the clients) 


20x500g/ctn, 10x1kg/ctn,4x2.5kg/ctn,6x2.5lbs/ctn, 1x10kg/ctn, 1x30lbs/ctn, 1x20lbs/ctn, 12x2lbs/ctn  
Also 550kgs/totebins(octobin)  


May-June July-Aug 


Successfully exported countries: 
Europe,North America,Russia,S.Korea,Japan,Southeast Asia,etc