IQF Champignon Mushrooms Wholes

The champignon mushroom or white button mushroom is the most popular cultivated mushroom.With their mild taste and firm texture, champignon mushrooms are a favorite for gravies, sauces, cream soups, stir-fry recipes, pasta or rice dishes and casseroles.They are also very low in calories and have a high protein content.You can find them fresh, frozen, canned, dried, or even in powdered form.
As an experienced frozen food supplier, we can supply premium quality IQF Champignon Mushroom Wholes.
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Product Name:

  • Frozen Champignon Mushrooms
  • IQF Champignon Mushrooms
  • Frozen Champignon Mushrooms Wholes
  • IQF Champignon Mushrooms Wholes


  • Blanched

Cap diameter: 20-35, 25-35, 20-40, 20-45, 20-50, 20-60mm

Stem length: About 10mm

  • Unblanched

Cap diameter: 20-35, 25-35, 20-40, 20-45, 20-50, 20-60, 20-65, 20-70mm

Stem length: About 10mm


December - March


ISO, HACCP, BRC, KOSHER certificates

Successfully exported markets:

EU, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.

Lead Time:

About 2 weeks.

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