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IQF White Asparagus Supplier

Frozen White Asparagus Supplier

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White asparagus is white because it is cultivated in the dark, which prevents photosynthesis and hence the generation of chlorophyll. As the seedling grows, earth is put on top of it to keep it in the dark.

White asparagus is a very nutritious vegetable that is high in vitamin C, folic acid, and antioxidants and is thought to be good for the heart.

White asparagus has the same brief season as green asparagus. So frozen white asparagus is also a terrific option, allowing you to enjoy this delectable vegetable all year.

We provide high-quality IQF Frozen White Asparagus in the following sizes:

As a trustworthy professional supplier of high-quality frozen foods in China. Over the last more than 25 years, we have gained extensive knowledge of more than 150 distinct types of items sold in over 30 countries. We have long-term and amicable cooperation partnerships with more than 80 serious large producers in more than ten Chinese regions.

Our clientele from all around the world have had long-term fruitful collaborations with us. All of our vendors are ISO, HACCP, and BRC certified. Some of them are also certified by SEDEX,HALAL,KOSHER,IFS, and other third parties.

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