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Among green leafy vegetables, spinach is a standout. This low-calorie meal is high in nutrients that are beneficial to your health in a variety of ways. Spinach benefits range from enhancing the immune system (your body's defense against pathogens) to improving heart health.

Raw spinach is delicious in salads, but frozen spinach is a culinary hero. It is simple to store in your freezer so you can add extra green vegetable nourishment to any meal at any time. With its mild flavor, it's a flexible ingredient that goes well with anything from breakfast scrambles and smoothies to restaurant-style grain bowls, Italian lasagnas, vegan stir-fries, and one-dish family casseroles.

We can provide high-quality IQF Frozen Spinach in the following sizes as an experienced frozen food supplier:

Our frozen spinach are made of fresh raw materials, from farm to container, with professional and stringent quality control to meet the particular needs of our clients.

All of our suppliers are serious and trustworthy, having BRC/ISO/HACCP certification. Some are also HALAL,KOSHER,SEDEX,Global GAP,IFS,AIB, and other third-party audited

We are not only a trade organization with over 25 years of expertise selling over 150 different types of items to over 30 different nations and marketplaces. We are a business consultant. We assist you in efficiently exploring the world of frozen food in China. We are a supply chain.

Please contact us if you are interested in our IQF Spinach or other frozen veggies.

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