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IQF Green Asparagus Supplier

 Frozen Green Asparagus Spears Supplier

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Green asparagus is a high-nutrient veggie. It's high in fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as chromium, a trace mineral that helps insulin transfer glucose from the circulation into cells. 

Green asparagus is a common element in many family recipes. However, the peak asparagus season is quite short, lasting only a few weeks in most growing zones. It is still available in other seasons, although at a higher price. If you want to enjoy this delightful vegetable all year, frozen green asparagus might be an affordable option.

We can offer excellent quality IQF Frozen Green Asparagus, which are gathered when absolutely ripe, cleaned, and promptly frozen, making them practical and ready to use.

All of our supplier are ISO, HACCP, and BRC certified. Some of them are also certified by SEDEX,HALAL,KOSHER,IFS, and other third parties.

For each shipment, our well-trained Quality Control Teammates work closely with the suppliers to meticulously control everything "from the fields to the containers" in order to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We can supply IQF Green Asparagus in the following sizes:

To Europe,USA,Canada Sizes:

  • Diam: 6-12/8-10/8-12mm, Length: 15/17cm
  • Diam: 10-16/12-16mm, Length: 15/17cm
  • Diam: 16-22mm, Length: 15/17cm

To Japan Sizes:

  • Diam: 6-10mm, Length: 9/11cm
  • Diam: 10-16mm, Length: 15/17cm
  • Diam: 16-22mm,Length: 15/17c m
  • Diam:6-10mm,10-16mm,6-12mm
  • Length: 2-3cm,2.5-3.5cm,2-4cm,3-5cm
  • Tips/head materials: Min.15%,18%,20% (weight)
  • Diam:6-10mm,10-16mm,
  • Length: 2-3cm,2.5-3.5cm,2-4cm,3-5cm


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