Frozen Roasted Eel One Skewer

Unagi Kabayaki, a Japanese cuisine, is a freshwater eel preparation with a long history. Sushi masters and chefs have traditionally spent years, if not decades, honing Unagi Kabayaki techniques as part of their trade. In this recipe, "Unagi," the Japanese word for freshwater eel, is butterflied and then repeatedly dipped into an umami-rich Unagi sauce before cooked over an open flame.

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Frozen Roasted Eel Fillets
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Frozen Roasted Eel One Skewer
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Product Name:

  • Unagi kabayaki one skewer
  • Frozen roasted eel one skewer
  • Frozen broiled eel one skewer
  • Anago kabayaki one skewer
  • Frozen prepared eel one skewer
  • Frozen grill eel one skewer
  • Frozen bbq eel one skewer


Anguilla Japonica, Anguilla Rostrata, etc.






Packed in bulk, 50 skewers/box,  5boxes/master carton


ISO, HACCP, BRC, HALAL certificates.

Successfully Exported Markets:

Japan,S.Korea, Russia, EU,North America,Southeast Asia, etc.

Lead Time:

About 3 weeks.

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