IQF Figs Wholes

Figs are a versatile fruit that may be eaten on their own, in salads, or baked into delectable sweet desserts.
Freezing figs is a good technique to extend the life of this fruit and enjoy it when it is out of season.
Because frozen figs are so versatile to a wide range of flavors, they can be used in a number of cuisines and desserts, as well as drinks. Figs should be thoroughly rinsed in a colander after thawing because they might become rather liquid.
We can provide high-quality IQF Figs.
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Product Names:

  • Frozen Figs Wholes
  • IQF Figs Wholes


  • Natural sizes
  • Or as per the clients


  • 1X10kg/CTN,1x30lbs/CTN,1X40lbs/CTN
  • Or as per the buyer's request



Successfully Exported Countries: 

EU,North America,Japan,S.Korea,etc

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