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  • Lotus roots, the edible rhizomes of the lotus plants, are a beloved ingredient in Asian cuisine. Known for their crisp texture and subtle, sweet taste, lotus roots are a versatile addition to various dishes. With a visually striking appearance featuring unique holes, they are not just a culinary delight but also hold cultural significance. Lotus roots are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, and essential minerals, making them a nutritious choice for discerning consumers.

    IQF Lotus Roots are carefully selected and cleaned before undergoing rapid freezing using state-of-the-art IQF technology. The individual freezing process preserves their natural taste and texture, ensuring businesses receive a premium product that retains its freshness and nutritional value. Ideal for restaurants, food processors, and catering services,etc.

    Sinofrost is a reliable frozen food supplier since 1995, proudly offers a diverse range of IQF Frozen Lotus Roots tailored for different businesses requirements.

    We take product quality very serious, ensuring high standards in every aspect of our production process. That's why we only collaborate with professional suppliers whom have certifications of ISO, HACCP, BRC, SEDEX, HALAL, KOSHER, IFS, and other certifications. Our well-trained quality control team ensures that every shipment maintains high levels of food safety, guaranteeing our clients receive consistently superior products.

    Our range of IQF Lotus Roots includes various shapes and sizes tailored to meet diverse business needs. We offer IQF Sliced Lotus Roots, IQF Lotus Root Quarter Cuts, IQF Lotus Root Irregular Cuts. With our bulk supply capabilities and various specifications, Sinofrost stands ready to meet the unique requirements of your business. Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be delighted to assist you in sourcing the finest IQF Frozen Lotus Roots.