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In 2019, we started to supply Frozen Dim Sum to help our clients to fill the spaces of the containers to save the cost when they purchase IQF Edamame ,IQF Mukimame or Unagi kabayaki, etc. 

If you have any unique requirements about the filling recipes, packing method, product sizes, etc., please let us know; we will do our best to accommodate you. Our suppliers hold ISO, HACCP, BRC, and Halal certifications.

Vegetable Spring Rolls are a famous Chinese snack consisting of crispy rolls stuffed with a delicious mixed vegetable stuffing. Hot spiced veggie pockets are wrapped and deep fried for an infinitely flexible and delightfully dippable snack.

Our Vegetable Spring Rolls have BRC,HACCP,HALAL, and ISO certifications, and we primarily export to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.


Flaky and crunchy fried vegetable samosas are a popular Asian snack. They have a pastry-like shell but are packed with savory potatoes and peas for a filling, tasty snack. Vegetable samosas are also a great option for a quick meal on a busy workday. They can be fried or baked, both of which are very simple.

Our Vegetable samosa have BRC,HACCP,HALAL, and ISO certifications, and we primarily export to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

Sesame balls, also known as jindu in Cantonese or zhma qi in Mandarin, are a classic Chinese dessert consisting of glutinous rice flour, sesame seeds, and a sweet filling. They're fried till golden brown and crispy, with a soft and chewy mochi-like texture that complements the smooth paste in the center.Our sesame balls are BRC,HACCP,HALAL, and ISO certified.

Taro balls are another traditional food that is popular in Asia. Taro puree encased in bread crumbs and stuffed with red bean stuffing The thick taro flavor is complemented by the sweetness of the red bean filling, which has a browned and crispy skin.Our sesame balls are BRC,HACCP,HALAL, and ISO certified.


Pumpkin cakes (nan gua bing) are a popular fried Chinese treat during the holidays. Pumpkin cake (nan gua bing) is a wonderfully delectable dessert. Crispy and crispy on the outside, soft and sticky on the interior, and frequently filled with red bean paste.The beauty of this dish resides in its simplicity, with only a few ingredients required. As an added benefit, they're naturally vegan!

Other Frozen Asian Foods

Taro root is a starchy root vegetable that was originally cultivated in Asia. When cooked, it has a pleasantly sweet taste and texture comparable to potato, making it an ideal element in many Asian dishes.We alredy mentioned Taro balls, but here are several more popular Asian delicacies created from taro.

Taro Cakes are a popular dessert in Taiwan and southern Hokkien. Sesame cookies are encased in taro puree and deep fried to create crispy tiny treats. All ages enjoy the crunchy appearance and rich feel.

Taro pastry, a popular dim sum delicacy, exemplifies the value of texture contrast. The exterior is crisp, but the taro beneath the crust is soft and creamy. Inside, red bean paste provides additional tasty pleasures.


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