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IQF Green Beans Cuts

Green beans are a widespread family staple across the country. They go by a variety of names, the most common of which being snap beans and string beans. They are high in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as folic acid and fiber.
We can supply high quality IQF Frozen Green Beans Cuts as we have very good relationships with strong and reliable producers in various provinces, allowing us to get enough good quality supply sources anytime, anywhere to successfully fulfill our contracts with our clients from all over the world.
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Product Names:

  • Frozen Green Beans Cuts
  • IQF Green Beans Cuts


Diam: 6-10mm
Length: 20-30mm, 20-40mm, 30-50mm, 40-60mm


20x500g/ctn, 20x300g/ctn, 6x2.5lbs/ctn, 1x10kg/ctn, 1x30lbs/ctn, 1x20lbs/ctn, 12x2lbs/ctn
Also 550kgs/totebins(octobin)


  • Spring Crop: May - June
  • Autumn Crop:November - December



Successfully Exported Countries:    

Europe,North America,Russia,S.Korea,Japan,Turkey,Southeast Asia,etc.