From farms to containers, we take good care of the food safety and products quality for you.

  • Pumpkins are a type of winter squash and are often associated with fall and Thanksgiving dishes. They can be roasted, boiled, pureed, or used in various recipes, both sweet and savory. Freezing pumpkin is a convenient way to preserve it for later use, especially when pumpkins are in abundance during the fall season. Frozen pumpkin can be used in soups, pies, muffins, and other baked goods.

    Our Frozen Pumpkin are carefully selected, cleaned, blanched and rapidly frozen to preserve their natural flavor and texture,each pumpkin piece is frozen individually, which prevents them from sticking together.

    Sinofrost is a reliable frozen food supplier since 1995, proudly offers a diverse range of Frozen Pumpkin tailored for different businesses requirements.

    We take product quality very serious, ensuring high standards in every aspect of our production process. That's why we only collaborate with professional suppliers whom have certifications of ISO, HACCP, BRC, SEDEX, HALAL, KOSHER, IFS, and other certifications. Our well-trained quality control team ensures that every shipment maintains high levels of food safety, guaranteeing our clients receive consistently superior products.

    Our range of Frozen Pumpkin ncludes various shapes and sizes tailored to meet diverse business needs. We offer IQF Pumpkin Slices, IQF Pumpkin Cuts, IQF Pumpkin Dices, BQF Pumpkin Puree Tablets. With our bulk supply capabilities and various specifications, Sinofrost stands ready to meet the unique requirements of your business. Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be delighted to assist you in sourcing the finest Frozen Pumpkin products.