From farms to containers, we take good care of the food safety and products quality for you.

  • With nearly three decades of expertise in supplying frozen vegetables, we take pride in offering superior-quality IQF Frozen Cherry Tomatoes tailored for wholesale buyers. Our range of IQF Cherry Tomatoes encompasses various options including IQF Sliced Cherry Tomatoes, Whole IQF Cherry Tomatoes, and IQF Cherry Tomato Halves. These versatile selections are meticulously inspected by our dedicated quality inspection personnel on the production line. This thorough examination ensures that each batch meets our stringent quality criteria, ensuring consistency and excellence in every batch of products.

    With extensive export experience spanning various countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Thailand, Canada, France, South Korea, Malaysia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and beyond, we have established ourselves as a trusted global supplier. Partnering with multiple professional factories enables us to offer a wide range of IQF Frozen Cherry Tomatoes in bulk, meeting diverse specifications to cater to our customers' unique needs.