From farms to containers, we take good care of the food safety and products quality for you.

  • Sinofrost, a leading frozen food supplier with a rich history since 1995, takes pride in offering premium quality IQF Frozen Burdock Root tailored exclusively for businesses.

    Our IQF Frozen Burdock Root products are meticulously sourced and processed in collaboration with certified suppliers, guaranteeing superior standards. We understand the diverse requirements of our clients, offering a versatile range of IQF Burdock Root options, including IQF Frozen Shredded Burdock and IQF Frozen Burdock Strips.

    In addition to our IQF Burdock Roots, Sinofrost offers an extensive selection of Japanese food ingredients, including unagi sushi slices, frozen edamame, frozen seasoned seaweed, and more.