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Sweet Potato Facts


In terms of human consumption, sweet potato is one of the world's most significant food crops, notably in Sub-Saharan Africa, portions of Asia, and the Pacific Islands. It was domesticated about 5,000 years ago in Latin America and is now cultivated in more poor nations than any other root crop. Despite its name, sweet potato is not related to the potato. It is a root, not a tuber, and it is a member of the morning-glory family. Many components of the plant, including the leaves, roots, and vines, are edible, and there are cultivars with a broad variety of skin and flesh color, from white to yellow-orange to deep purple.

Because of the term "sweet" in the name and the rich flavor that emerges when sweet potatoes are roasted, people sometimes think sweet potatoes are a less nutritious relative of white potatoes. A sweet potato and a russet or other normal white potato, on the other hand, contain almost the same amount of calories, carbs, fat, and protein per ounce.

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Sweet potatoes are prominent in many different cuisines across the world. Roasted sweet potatoes are a popular street dish in East Asia. Sweet potatoes, usually yellow varieties, are cooked in a huge iron drum and sold as street food in China throughout the winter. In Korea, sweet potatoes, known as goguma, are roasted in a drum can, baked in foil or on an open fire, typically during winter. In Japan, a dish similar to the Korean preparation is called yaki-imo (roasted sweet potato), which typically uses either the yellow-fleshed "Japanese sweet potato" or the purple-fleshed "Okinawan sweet potato", which is known as beni-imo.In the U.S., next to the traditional Thanksgiving preparations, sweet potato fries and chips may be the way many of us consume this vegetable.

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