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IQF Sweet Corn Bulk


· Frozen Vegetables

Corn is classified as a vegetable as well as a cereal grain.In the culinary world, sweet corn eaten from the cob is considered a vegetable, yet the dry seeds used to make popcorn are categorized as whole grains.

Corn originated around 9,000 years ago in Mexico and is still known as "maize" in many parts of the world.It is now one of the most extensively consumed cereal grains in the planet.

Corn is typically white or yellow, but it can also be red, purple, or blue.

Corn is high in fiber and plant chemicals that may benefit digestion and vision.

Not only is frozen sweet corn delicious, it's easy to prepare, and it's more affordable than fresh corn.ven better is that Frozen corn often has fewer calories than fresh, which may help with weight management.

Sinofrost is a professional supplier with more than 25 years experience in frozen food export.We can supply IQF Frozen Sweet Corn in bulk and with great quality.

All our suppliers have ISO,HACCP,BRC Certificates. Some of them also have SEDEX,HALAL,KOSHER,IFS and other third party certificates.

We have many years of export experience,we can export to Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Europe, Indonesia, North America and many other countries.

For every shipment,our well-trained Quality Control people are always working closely with the suppliers to supervise everything strictly "from the farms to the containers " to satisfy our clients' individual requirements.




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