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IQF Bamboo Shoot Bulk

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· Frozen Vegetables
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Bamboo shoots are newly erupted edible culms of the bamboo plant that are crisp and chewy. In certain Asian countries, young, sensitive shoots constitute a seasonal delicacy.

The shoot has multiple layers of a robust casing of leaves wrapped around its center cream-white heart on the outside (meat).This treasured meat is the bamboo shoot's most sought-after component.It has a crisp texture and a moderate yet distinct flavor.

Fresh bamboo shoots are a seasonal delicacy.However, frozen bamboo shoots can be available around the year. For fresh bamboo shoots, you need to peel off the outer skin and take some time to enjoy this unique Asian vegetable. Frozen bamboo shoots are not only available all year round, but also peeled, cut and cleaned, which is very convenient.

We are a professional IQF Frozen Bamboo Shoots bulk supplier based in China.

All our suppliers have ISO,HACCP,BRC Certificates. Some of them also have SEDEX,HALAL,KOSHER,IFS and other third party certificates.

We can export to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, North America and other countries.

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