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IQF Bamboo Shoots

IQF Bamboo Shoot Slices,IQF Bamboo Shoot Dices,IQF Bamboo Shoot Strips

Bamboo shoots are edible shoots of bamboo plants that are used in a variety of Asian dishes.The exterior of the shoots is often peeled before ingestion since it has a woody, thick texture that can be difficult to chew.They are available in a variety of forms, including dried, fresh, tinned, and frozen.

You can add them to stir-fries, curries, soups, and salads, but the most common method to eat them is boiled, soaking, cooked, or pickled.

Bamboo shoots are extremely healthy, with each serving providing a substantial quantity of fiber, copper, and vitamins B6 and E.

Frozen bamboo shoots are a good optional if you like them, and they are a cost-effective and time-saving option.Especially when you are on a busy workday and want to prepare a nutritious and delicious dinner quickly, frozen bamboo shoots may be a good choice.Frozen bamboo shoots is already cleaned, peeled,and you just need a little magic to turn it into a delicious dish.

Sinofrost is a professional supplier with more than 25 years experience in frozen food export.We can supply frozen edamame in bulk and in a variety of sizes.

All our suppliers have ISO,HACCP,BRC Certificates. Some of them also have SEDEX,HALAL,KOSHER,IFS and other third party certificates.

For every shipment,our well-trained Quality Control people are always working closely with the suppliers to supervise everything strictly "from the farms to the containers " to satisfy our clients' individual requirements.


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