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IQF Sugar Snap Peas

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Sugar snap peas are flat pea pods that develop in the cooler months. They are crisp and sweet in flavor, and are commonly served steamed or in stir-fry meals. Beyond the texture and flavor of sugar snap peas, there is a variety of vitamins and other minerals that assist to boost heart and bone health. Sugar snap peas are also easy to cultivate and store, making them a cost-effective and nutritious vegetable alternative.

Sugar snap peas can withstand chilly temperatures and mild frosts. They are typically sown in early spring and harvested 60 days later. In the late spring and early summer, you may find them in farmers markets. They are, however, accessible frozen and are frequently obtained at grocery stores.

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IQF frozen sugar snap peas have the same nutritional value as fresh sugar snap peas.IQF frozen sugar snap peas are processed within hours of harvest, which stops the conversion of sugar to starch. This maintains the sweet flavor you find in IQF frozen sugar snap peas.

IQF frozen sugar snap peas are a great alternative for a quick, easy, and delicious dinner!

At the same time, IQF frozen sugar snap peas is also an economical choice, when preparing dinner, there is any costly waste.

We provide top grade IQF frozen sugar snap peas that are certified by SEDEX, BRC, ISO, and HACCP.


  • Length: 40-90mm Thickness: Max.13mm
  • Length: 40-85mm Thickness: Max.12.5mm
  • Length: 40-80mm Thickness: Max.12mm


  • 20x500g/ctn,4x2.5kg/ctn,1x10kg/ctn,1x30lbs/ctn,600kgs/tote
  • As per the clients

For each shipment, our well-trained QC (Quality Control) personnel work closely with suppliers to ensure that everything is strictly supervised "from the fields to the containers" in order to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested in IQF sugar snap pea:

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