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These bright orange nameko mushrooms are native to Japan and are popular in Asian cuisine.They are covered in a layer of natural gelatin known as mucin, which aids in protein absorption and protects the stomach wall.Butterscotch Mushroom, Forest Nameko, and Forest Mushroom are other names for them.

They're firm and silky, with a toothsome bite and a cashew-butterscotch aroma and flavor that's mildly fruity, nutty, and earthy.Nameko is available fresh, dried, and frozen.

Nameko mushrooms, like any other type of mushroom, are extremely versatile and pair well with a wide range of ingredients.

We are a professional IQF Frozen Nameko Mushrooms bulk supplier based in China.

All our suppliers have ISO,HACCP,BRC Certificates. Some of them also have SEDEX,HALAL,KOSHER,IFS and other third party certificates.

We can export to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Canada and other countries.

We also can supply a wide range of frozen mushrooms in different sizes and packaging.














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