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Broccoli Florets/Cuts,Grade A/B

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Broccoli is related to brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage, and belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family. The Italian word "broccolo" means "flowering crown of a cabbage," which is how broccoli got its name. Broccoli was created from wild cabbage during the Roman era and has remained a popular Italian vegetable ever since. Broccoli was first introduced to the United States during the colonial time, but it was not popular until the 1920s, when southern Italian immigrants brought it with them.

Broccoli floret is high in many vitamins and minerals, but there are a handful that are particularly noteworthy. One serving contains more than the daily required amount of vitamins C and K, which assist to maintain a healthy immune system and maintain normal blood pressure, respectively. It's also high in folate and vitamin A, both of which are essential minerals for pregnant women.

Broccoli floret is available fresh all year, however it is in season from November to March. If fresh broccoli isn't available at your grocery store, most stores provide IQF frozen broccoli floret which is just as healthful as fresh broccoli.

According to recent studies, keeping your freezer stocked with vegetables might help you reach your daily vegetable need. It's a lot simpler to consume a lot of vegetables when you always have them on hand, and the freezer is the only area where you can keep them without worrying about them going bad.

IQF frozen broccoli floret is easy to prepare, especially on weekdays when you're rushing to get supper on the table. It's so much easier to use IQF frozen broccoli florets than fresh ones.

IQF frozen broccoli florets are not only beneficial for you, but they're also economical. Frozen foods have gotten more inexpensive as they have become more widely available in grocery stores. When you buy frozen broccoli medleys, you save money since there's no risk of it going bad in your fridge before you get around to preparing it, and you can portion it out and keep it in the freezer for a long time.

We offer premium IQF Frozen Broccoli Florets and  IQF Frozen Broccoli Cuts Grade, all our supplier with HACCP, BRC, KOSHER, ISO Certificates.

Feel free to get in touch with us for further info. (William)

IQF Broccoli Florets

IQF Broccoli Florets

IQF Cut Broccoli Grade B

IQF Cut Broccoli Grade B


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