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IQF Black Fungus Wholesale

Frozen Black Fungus Wholesale

· Frozen Mushrooms

For ages, black fungus mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine. The genus Auricularia contains 10-15 identified species over the world, several of which resemble one another. These dark black and brown fungi, often known as wood ear due to their likeness to a human ear, have a chewy texture while fresh and a very hard texture when dry. They are a widespread and well-liked component in Asian cooking.

The benefits of black fungus can be numerous, including potentially beneficial effects on blood circulation, heart health, and chronic disease, among others.

Sinofrost has over 25 years of experience in frozen food, we can supply high quality of IQF Black Fungus.

We have rich and professional frozen food knowledge, and we cooperate with more than 100 manufacturers in China, all of whom have strong qualifications and certificates such as BRC, ISO,HALAL,and HACCP.

Therefore, we can supply different kinds of frozen products, not only frozen vegetables, but also frozen fruits, frozen mushrooms, frozen berries, unagi kabayaki, etc., saving you time and purchasing the products you need more efficiently.

We also have a professional and experienced team with many years of export experience, we know more about the needs of our customers and provide the best service.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for further info.

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