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IQF Black Fungus Manufacturer

· Frozen Mushrooms

As the name implies, black fungus is frequently dark brown or black in color. The texture of black fungus mushrooms is chewy or jelly-like. They are frequently offered dried, but when reconstituted with water, they return to their natural gelatin-like texture.

Because black fungus flourishes in humid climates, these little mushrooms are frequently utilized in Asian stir-fries and stews. They are also praised for their medicinal benefits. Since the nineteenth century, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have utilized black fungus.Cloud ear or black fungus mushrooms are also low in fat and calories which is good to add in your diet.

Sinofrost is a professional frozen food manufacturer, we have many years of export experience, we can export our IQF Frozen Black Fungus to Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, North America and many other overseas markets.

We have professional quality inspectors to ensure the quality and safety of food and provide you with high-quality products. The suppliers we cooperate with have strong qualifications and years of experience, and all have ISO, HACCP, BRC Certificates. Some of them also have SEDEX, HALAL, KOSHER, IFS and other third party certificates.

We can supply more than 150 kinds of frozen products, we started to supply Frozen Dim Sum in 2019 to help our clients to fill the spaces of the containers to save the cost when they purchase IQF edamame ,mukimame or unagi kabayaki, etc. Our main products include vegetable spring rolls, vegetables samosa, taro cakes, taro pastry, taro balls, sesame balls, pumpkin cakes, etc.

For special requirements such as product packaging and specifications, we can also try our best to cooperate according to your needs.







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