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2020 New Crop IQF Lychees(Litchi)


Lychees(Litchi) are known for their sweet and flowery flavor, they are generally used in ice creams or processed into juice,wine,dessert,and jelly.
They’re a good source of several vitamins,minerals,and healthy antioxidants.
We offer high quality frozen Lychees(Litchi)
- Frozen Lychees(Litchi) Meats
- Frozen Lychees(Litchi) Wholes
With selected fresh and safe raw materials.
Produced by our ISO/HACCP/BRC certified suppliers.
Supervised by our experienced QC team.
Feel free to get in touch with us !

IQF Lychees(Litchi) Wholes

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IQF Lychees(Litchi) Meats

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